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Kaela & Jon's Unforgettable Tappattoo Wedding [Parry Sound]

June 25th 2022

This was the start of my wedding season for 2022, and it was the most gorgeous day. I met Kaela first thing in her suite at Grand Tappattoo Resort. Hair and makeup had already begun and the room was just buzzing from excitement.

After some shots with the girls,  I ventured to the adjacent suite where the guys were getting ready. The air buzzed with an endless symphony of jokes and shenanigans, creating an atmosphere filled with camaraderie and laughter.

Kaela & Jon got married on the beach. The ceremony was beautiful and ended with bubbles and Jon whisked away his new bride.

The most memorable part of the day is when Kaela & Jon decided to go out on the water with a kayak that leaked... so that quickly changed to paddleboards. They paddled over to the raft to have some photos done (while I shot from the beach). On the way back, Jon's paddleboard started taking on water and began to sink. Friends got into a canoe to rescue him, but not before Jon made a splash and fell into the lake. The amount of cheers and laughter from all the guests was amazing. It was definitely unforgettable!

The rest of the reception was held inside and it was a vibe!

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